We believe in innovation as the driving force behind the entire production process,
from planning to actual execution.

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We believe that motivation is a fundamental element to establish a solid internal structure made up of internal company protagonists who believe in the same objectives. The presence of different skills and abilities has allowed us to grow both from a numerical and human point of view, considering the latter indispensable. In fact, it is necessary to take care of the relationships established within the company, always aiming at achieving common objectives. And to do this, it is essential to believe in it.


The ability to study appropriate processes, develop innovative projects and establish solid relationships with companies and people has allowed us to always pursue our objectives with courage. We have always given importance to the ability to transmit the company's know-how and the methods of approaching the various activities in a clear and professional way. The ability to appropriately communicate the objectives to be achieved through the example, exposing oneself in the first person, is indispensable for encouraging team collaborative work.


  • 4 locations
  • Over 100 projects realized in the world
  • 147 employees

Estimates Office

  • Estimating
  • Design
  • End-of-work certifications

Technical office

  • Order management
  • Site management
  • Budget
  • Purchase requisitions

Commercial office

  • Search for new customers
  • Customer satisfaction check

Purchasing office

  • Orders
  • Market research
  • Job control

Tenders and security office

  • Control and publication of tenders
  • Security document check
  • subcontracting

Planning office

  • Operational resources management
  • Media management
  • Collection of working hours resources

Administrative office

  • Management of customer invoices
  • Supplier invoice management
  • Balance


ISO 45001
F-GAS: Regolamento (CE) n. 2015/2067
ISO 9001
ISO 14001

Petas for the social

The company has been financing and supporting national and international projects for many years.

In collaboration with the Regina Pacis Foundation, we have created an assisted dwelling for young orphans or without family support who have recently reached the age of majority, in order to provide educational and psychosocial services and professional guidance.

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